Long Live the Farmers’ Protest in Delhi! – Seeman Congratulates Farmers


The farmers who are protesting peacefully, braving the deadly cold in Delhi, for their livelihood are applaudable. The Modi government’s tyrannical act, which not only made the farmers who fed the entire country protest even during the COVID-19 pandemic in the past but also subjected the farmers to merciless attack by firing tear gas shells and intimidating the protesters by deploying a huge police force, is highly condemnable.

In 2020, farmers gathered in Delhi to demand the repeal of the farm laws brought in favor of big private companies and succumbed to the unprecedented revolutionary war waged for more than 13 months. With Punjab Assembly elections in mind, the BJP government had asked the protesting farmers to withdraw the farm laws and promised them to fulfill their legitimate livelihood demands. But it is shameful that even after three years, the demands of the farmers, including the minimum support price, farm loan waiver, pension for farmers, and cancellation of cases filed against farmers, are not being fulfilled.

Once again, the farmers have come together to protect agriculture against the atrocities of the Modi government, which is trying to completely privatize the agriculture sector and turn the farmers of the country into the wage laborers of big capitalists. It is at the height of authoritarianism that the BJP government is unleashing repression on protesting farmers, besides ignoring the legitimate demands of the farmers. I appeal to farmers’ organizations, democratic forces, and political parties across the country to support the protesting farmers in Delhi and rally behind them.

At this juncture, on behalf of the Naam Tamilar Katchi, I urge the BJP-led Indian union government to abandon its tyranny against the farmers and fulfill their legitimate demands. I further assure that the Naam Tamilar Katchi will extend its full support to the countrywide struggle waged by the farmers and will continue to support them until their just demands are realized.


– Seeman | Chief Coordinator | NTK

முந்தைய செய்திஇந்திய தலைநகர் டெல்லியில் நடைபெறும் விவசாயிகளின் நாடு தழுவிய அறப்போராட்டம் வெல்லட்டும்! – சீமான் வாழ்த்து
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