The Historic US Congress Resolution Calling for Tamil Eelam Independence Referendum: India Should Table Such a Resolution in the UN!


It is encouraging that members of the United States Congress have introduced a historic resolution advocating for a referendum on the liberation of Eelam. The Tamil race has been constantly subjected to unbearable injustice through the ages. This little light from the distance brings new hope and happiness.

On the 15th anniversary of the Eelam genocide, United States Congressman Wiley Nickel along with six other members, introduced a resolution calling for a referendum on the liberation of Eelam to find a permanent solution to the atrocities in Sri Lanka through democratic means. The resolution, known as H.Res.1230, urges the US government to strengthen diplomatic relations with the Eelam Tamils. The resolution emphasizes the fact that before British rule, the Tamils and the Sinhalese had two sovereign states and the history of the British government bringing the Tamil and Sinhala territories under a unitary administration in 1833.

Pointing out that the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution was brought without the consent of the Tamils, the resolution also recorded that the 13th Amendment was never a permanent solution to the rightful well-being of the Tamils. It also pointed out that the racist state of Sri Lanka is depriving the Tamils of their freedom of expression and keeping the homeland of the Tamils as an autonomous region even today.

The resolution also recalled that the Vaddukoddai (Vattukottai) Resolution was passed by the Tamils in 1976 to restore a sovereign and secular Tamil Eelam. The resolution also cites US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Boucher’s tacit recognition of the Tamils’ right to self-determination during his visit to Sri Lanka in 2006 and strongly urges a referendum on Eelam liberation. I would like to express my love and gratitude to Wiley Nickel and his colleagues for bringing about this clear-cut resolution. The Tamils are waiting for the US Congress to quickly pass this historic resolution and initiate the process of holding a referendum on Eelam liberation.

Despite the relentless struggle of the Tamil community in international forums for 15 years over the biggest genocide of this century, no justice has been achieved so far. In this tragic situation, after so many years, when all the world powers, including the United States, which have no connection with the Tamils, have realized the justice on the side of the Tamils and have come to the conclusion that the liberation of a separate Tamil Eelam is the final solution for the Tamils, it is a blatant betrayal to the Tamils that India is supporting Sinhala racism. All these treacherous actions of the Government of India will only lead to the complete absence of the feeling of being Indian in the hearts of 80 million Tamils.

Why is India continuing to extend the ban on the LTTE on imaginary grounds even after all these years of the silence of the armed struggle in Eelam? It is a great humiliation for India in the world arena that even after 15 years of the genocidal war, the Indian government, which supported the destruction of the Eelam liberation struggle, has not been able to get even minimal political power from the racist government of Sri Lanka even after 15 years of the end of the genocidal war. These political failures show that India’s foreign policy towards Sri Lanka is utterly wrong.

It is shameful that the Indian government continues to support Sri Lanka, which continues to befriend China and act against India. I warn that, at least now, if the Government of India does not realize that Sri Lanka will become the biggest threat to India’s security in the future and change its foreign policy stance towards Sri Lanka, India will have to pay a heavy price.

Therefore, on behalf of the Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK), I urge the Government of India to realize the undeniable fact that the Eelam Tamil people are the eternal support for India’s security and take the necessary steps to bring a resolution for Eelam liberation to the United Nations with the support of world countries like the United States of America.

– Seeman | Chief Coordinator | NTK

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