‘Himalayan’ Electoral Bond Scam Coming to Spotlight: BJP Govt in Fear!


Political parties have received secret donations to the tune of Rs. 16,500 crore in the last six years through the electoral bond scheme. Of this, more than 40 % (over Rs. 7,000 crore) was received by the BJP alone. The Congress is second with more than Rs. 1,100 crore. The ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu has received more than Rs. 600 crore indirectly.

The apex court had directed the State Bank of India (SBI) to furnish details of electoral bonds it had obtained since March 2019 to the Election Commission by March 6, 2024, and the same on its website by March 13. Once the information on electoral bonds is made public to the people, not only will it derive information on which MNCs have donated crores of rupees to political parties but also which companies got contracts for government projects in return for funding from the ruling party.

Moreover, information on those companies that have received loan waivers worth thousands of crores?

What are all the companies that were free from legal action after bribing through electoral bonds?

Who are all the ones who fled abroad without paying their debts?

Who are all walked away scot-free from corruption charges?

The Modi-led BJP government is trying to prevent it from being released because of the fear that all this information will come out so that the ‘Himalayan’ scam in which it has been involved will come to light.

Electoral Bond Scam and the BJP’s Patriotism!

It is highly condemnable that the BJP-led Indian union government is trying to stay the Supreme Court verdict on public disclosure of electoral bonds through the President.

It is shameful that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who came to power promising to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks, is refusing to share information about thousands of crores of rupees that have been deposited in state-run banks.

If the BJP, which claims to be a political party free from corruption, is not involved in any corruption scam, what is the hesitation in making information about electoral bonds public? Why is the BJP government preventing this information from being released before the elections?

Isn’t the BJP, which teaches lessons in patriotism and swadeshi, ashamed of receiving funds from MNCs? Does the BJP preach that allowing foreign capitalists to dominate Indian politics is what patriotism is all about for citizens of this country?


– Seeman | Chief Coordinator | NTK

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