Thank You, Canada for Marking the First Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day!


Thank You, Canada for Marking the First Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day!

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to the honorable Prime Minister of Canada for marking May 18, 2023, as the ‘First Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day,’ which has truly brought a ray of hope to the victims. For many decades, the Canadian government has continued to support the Tamil community and never refrained from showering love on Tamils. It is no surprise that Canada became the first country to recognize the Tamil Genocide.

I also sincerely thank the Canadian Prime Minister for the unwavering support of the Tamil community, understanding the Tamils’ unbearable pain caused by the war in Sri Lanka through his interactions with the Tamil-Canadian community. I would like to thank you for reaffirming your support through your recent statement that reads: “Canada will not stop advocating for the rights of the victims and survivors of this conflict, as well as for all in Sri Lanka who continue to face hardship”.

At this juncture, I thank the Canadian Parliament as well, which recognized last year that there is much work to be carried out to ensure that the perpetrators of the genocide are held accountable for their atrocities.

I would like to request that the Canadian government assist the Tamil community in their efforts to make the world community understand our pain and trauma caused by the systematic genocide, recognize the Tamil genocide, and reassure us that justice will prevail.

முந்தைய செய்திவிருத்தாச்சலம் சித்தலூரில் புலிக் கொடியேற்றம் நிகழ்வு
அடுத்த செய்திஹிஜாப் அணியக்கூடாது என்று அரசு பெண் மருத்துவரை மிரட்டிய பாஜக நிர்வாகிக்கு கடும் தண்டனைப்பெற்றுத்தர வேண்டும்! – சீமான் வலியுறுத்தல்