UGC Reservation Guidelines: A Cruel Act That Undermines Social Justice! – Seeman


It is shocking that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued draft guidelines to fill up the faculty positions in the general category in higher educational institutions of the Indian Union Government. The conspiracy of the BJP government to gradually dismantle the reservation system is highly condemnable.

In the last 10 years, the Modi-led BJP government has been aiming to shatter the reservation system formalized by Dr. Ambedkar to protect social justice for the people who were denied basic rights, including education, due to caste untouchability. The UGC’s latest move is yet another blow to the reservation system at a time when there are already irregularities in reserving Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes for admission to higher educational institutions, including IITs and IIMs.

The BJP government has destroyed the noble purpose of reservation by bringing 10% reservation for the forward classes in the name of an economically weaker section. Further, the Indian Union Government does not follow the rules of reservation in admission and appointments to postgraduate courses, including medicine and law. If the BJP government, which says that there is no reservation for backward classes in the union pool, is awarding 10% reservation only to the forward classes, then for which community justice is served? Is it on the basis of social justice or Manu Dharma that 10% reservation is given to the forward classes, who are not even 5% in the whole of India, especially on economic grounds, even less than 3%? Who has the answers to these questions? All this exposes the fact that the BJP government is converting the current reservation system into reservations through Varnashrama machinations.

Therefore, the action of the Indian Union Government in denying reservation to the depressed classes and backward classes in the posts of higher educational institutions is not only against the Constitution but also against basic human rights. The Modi government must immediately end this massive social injustice being done to 95% of the citizens of this country. Or else, I warn the fascist BJP government that if such injustice based on Varnashrama continues to be unleashed against the oppressed and backward people, it will lead to a massive people’s movement!

– Seeman | Chief Coordinator | NTK