Seeman writes to Amazon Prime Video to Stop Streaming of “The Family Man” Season 2 Web Series


Date: 06.06.2021

Seeman writes to Amazon Prime Video to Stop Streaming of “The Family Man” Season 2 Web Series


Head of India Originals at Amazon Prime Video
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

SUB: Requisition to stop streaming of “The Family Man” Season 2

Dear Aparna,

I would like to express my distress that Season 2 of “The Family Man” was released on June 4, 2021, on your OTT platform, despite widespread opposition from the Thamizhs across the world.

I was shocked to see the vulgar depiction of Thamizhs in the web series in concern, whose valorous Thamizh Eezham freedom struggle has been portrayed cheaply, intending to tarnish Thamizhs’ image. It is highly condemnable that this web series has been made to sound like the voice of the Sinhala government, who have completely invaded, dominated, and annihilated the homeland of the Thamizhs, to denigrate the Thamizhs and portray them as terrorists and extremists, who stand as a symbol of morality and dignity. It is very clear that this series is taken with the intent to malign the proud thamizh ethnic race.

I am sure that you are aware of the fact that over 2 lakh Thamizhs were killed in the genocide perpetrated by the chauvinistic Sinhala with the help of Indian Union and a few of the world countries, for which Thamizhs across the world are fighting for justice to date. The series has been made as an attempt to humiliate and hurt the sentiments of the 12-crore Thamizh nationals who could not able to recover from the massive structural genocide of this century. I would like to share my opinion and that of the world Thamizhs that such web series should be never be screened, which contains obnoxious content against Thamizhs and supports pro-Sinhala ideologies, or any other race.

In a time when Thamizhs are engaged to unite other linguistic ethnic groups of the Indian Union and join hands with us to get justice for the Thamizh genocide, we should not allow any actions that intend to portray our freedom struggle as extremism or terrorism. Despite the Thamizh Nadu government registering its condemnation and requested the union government to ban the web series.

Eleven years since the mass Thamizh genocide took place when no international trial over the war crimes or referendum was held, the Thamizhs are constantly expressing these concerns through moral struggles, waging legal battles, put forth their views in UN Council meetings, and are constantly engaging in mobilizing Thamizhs around the globe to make the international community to realize the injustice done to us and seek justice.

It is the demand of the world Thamizhs to ban this web series which shows the LTTE and our Thamizh National Leader Hon’ble Ve. Prabhakaran in a negative light, who never violated war ethics, not even once; who fought only against the tyrannical Sinhalese government, not the Sinhala people, even until the day of mass destruction; and who established the Thamizhs’ morality, and stood as the savior of Thamizh ethnic race. It is highly essential to ban “The Family Man” web series which unleashes planned slanders on the national races and the people of this land, through falsification and continuing to distort the historical facts.

Therefore, I request your esteemed organization to stop streaming The Family Man 2 web series, which misrepresents Thamizhs and distorts the valorous Eezham liberation struggle of Thamizhs. If you fail to do so and ignore and disrespect our emotions, we Thamizhs across the globe may have to lead a massive campaign worldwide to boycott all Amazon services, including Prime Video.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thanks & Regards,

Senthamizhan Seeman
Chief Coordinator
Naam Tamilar Katchi