Naam Tamilar Party coordinator Seeman’s Headlines Today Interview on reaction to Gotabaya Interview


On Gotabaya’s reaction to CM Jayalalitha’s resolution

The resolution that has been passed in TN Assembly is not for political gains..if it was for political gains they why did the Srilankan government sent it representatives to meet TN Chief Minister..if it was for political gains then why is the Srilankan government reacting to it. Weather the resolution passed by TN govt is significant or not will be decided by time. Hillary clinton had come to India and instead of visiting other states…why did she prefer to come down to Chennai and meet Jayalilathaa and held discussions with her on Srilankan Tamils issue…this shows how important the resolution is. The resolution says Rajapakse and his associates are war criminals and they must be tried in the intl court of justice is what the resolution is all about.

On Gotabaya’s denial for an International probe

“People who have committed war crimes will not admit that they have committed war crimes. The Channel 4 documentary exposed war crimes and Headlines Today aired it for the people of this country and they were exposed. Now Headlines Today has more evidence of war crimes committed by Srilankan army in their possession which will speak for itself. Gotabaya will not admit because he is the defense secretary. The entire world knows that war crimes were committed in Srilanka during war. If there are no war crimes they why is the Srilankan govt hesitant to allow UN panel probe? So its clear that war crimes have taken place in Srilanka and that’s why the Srilankan Government is afraid of an international investigation.

On HT investigation on War crimes in  Srilanka

“We have been saying this that there were war crimes and atrocities committed by Srilanka for a very long time and only now its being noticed. Srilankan government is trying to eradicate the tamil race in the country. They are trying to ensure that no tamil is born in the country. Tamil land is being occupied by Sinhalese and its being converted into to Sinhalese establishments..what is worse is that tamil women are being forced to have sex with HIV affected men. They are killing out children…so far there are reports of 90000 widows in the country. School and College girls are forced to become pregnant. The Srilankan Government has a planned strategy in place to abolish Tamil race…now that you have gone and investigated.. It will be exposed to the world and people will take notice.

முந்தைய செய்தி06 08 2011
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