Appeal to Tamil voters in Sri lanka – Naam Tamizhar


Dear Tamil voters,


This is to bring to your kind notice that there is an International conspiracy hatched behind the conduct of these local elections in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. All of you know the government needs legitimacy to mend its dented International credibility after the continuous onslaught by the UN panel of experts report released on April 2th and then the Channel 4 documentary titled “Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”. All of a sudden the government has suddenly begun allocating funds for development projects in the North, but it will be implemented by the Sinhalese from the South to further its hidden agenda of Sinhalisation of the north. By conducting the elections at gun point and promises which will never be fulfilled, this regime is going to tinker its international image as  a believer in democratic principles.

So far after the brutal ending of the dreams of the Right to Self Determination for our Tamil brethren, the question remains a mirage. The safety of the Tamils is never a priority to this government. The TNA even called for the placement of international observers. One instance of how the Tamils are treated is the way the five TNA MPs were beaten up by the army personnel. When the highest elected Tamil representatives are not safe in their homeland how can you expect an ordinary civilian to be safe?In 2009, the number of registered voters in Jaffna electoral district that comprises of the administrative districts of Jaffna and Kilinochchi was 816,005. This figure has dropped to 481,791 entries in the register of the electoral district of Jaffna. SL Election Department has removed 331,214 names from the list. There is no clarification for these missing voters.

Two years after ending the armed conflict, the war on the Tamil civilians continue in the form of Unemployment of educated Tamil youth, Sinhalisation of North and East, utter disregard for Tamil culture, imposition of Sinhala language, deprivation of basic human needs, militarization, continuation of the High Security Zones etc.  Everywhere, people want peace, justice, rule of law and respect for human dignity, it is sad to note that this government does not respect any of them. The much awaited home grown solution is a thing of the past. This regime is leading the Tamils not towards Self Determination but towards slavery.

At this critical hour let us be united in our resolve to defeat impunity and the lawlessness, brutality and disdain for human dignity that this nepotist regime represents.First let the Sri Lankan government answer the International call to investigate War Crimes and Crimes against humanity. Till such time let us boycott the Sinhala sponsored politicians. It is time for us TAMILS to stand united; it is time for us to take a collective stand, let us whole heartedly vote for the TNA.